The Process for Applying

To apply to the Water Resources Graduate Program, you should first complete an application form that can be obtained online from the Graduate School.

**On your application, you will be asked to provide the names of two faculty members whose research areas match your interests. This will help us identify ALL faculty members whose research interests most closely align with yours to place your application in front of faculty members most likely to consider accepting you as an advisee.**

In addition to submitting the application form and paying the application fee to the Graduate School, to complete your application we need to receive the following*:

  • Prerequisites can be found on each program's Student Handbook and/or Checklist (see Degree Programs).  While faculty will review all applications, it is in the applicant's best interest to have these complete at the time of applying. 
  • Academic transcripts from each institution you attended - These can be submitted as unofficial copies using the uploading portion of the online application, unofficial copies emailed to the department, or official copies sent from the institution to the department or the Graduate School. Unofficial copies are acceptable for evaluation purposes, but official copies will be requested by the Graduate School if you are offered admission.
  • GRE: Due to COVID-19 we are currently waiving the GRE requirement until the pandemic is brought under control, or further notice (9/4/20).  Please periodically check the website for further updates.
  • Three letters of recommendation - These are submitted using the online application system. The application system will request the email addresses of 3 people to serve as references. OSU will then send each person a request for a recommendation. Their responses will then be returned directly to OSU and added to your application.
  • A Statement of Objectives is required. While we have no rules or requirements format, this is typically 1-2 pages in length. Information on your personal background, career goals, your experience with research and your thoughts on diversity and how you will help contribute to an inclusive and welcoming environment in our department, at OSU and beyond, during your time as a student, as well as after graduation is encouraged and desired.
  • Full Resume.

*Additional items may be sent directly to the Graduate School office.

We recommend that students applying for admission complete their application by the first Monday of January, for the academic year they wish to be admitted.

In order to receive full consideration for all financial aid opportunities, it is best to apply in the Fall term by December 15.  Final deadline for applications are due by the first Monday of January, for the following September. This allows us time to review applications and nominate students for tuition awards, fellowships, and any teaching or research assistantships that may be available. While we do offer a year round application process and some applicants may periodically be accepted after this date, most non-fall applicants will miss out on many funding opportunities and chances of acceptance are greatly decreased.

Most of our students are financially supported by the faculty of the program through externally-funded grants and contracts. The match between your background and interests and these opportunities is central to obtaining such support. We encourage you to contact faculty to explore areas of common interest and opportunity. Please note that even students who are granted support may be responsible for paying some student fees each term.

See our Applicant FAQs page for more information.

For full information, see Information for Graduate Students of Oregon State University.

For International Students, see Information for International Graduate Students.