Water Resources Engineering

The Water Resources Engineering (WRE) degree program is designed to provide students with the essential skills for sustained and impactful careers in water resources engineering and system design.

Participants in this program will receive comprehensive training, preparing them for lifelong endeavors in water resources system design. Moreover, students have the flexibility to tailor their focus within the program, choosing to specialize in groundwater, surface water, or watershed engineering based on their academic and professional interests. This nuanced approach ensures that graduates are adeptly prepared to address the complex challenges within the field and make enduring contributions to water resources engineering.


Water Resources Science

The Water Resources Science degree program is strategically structured to provide students with comprehensive training in water resources, complemented by an intellectual connection to a secondary field. Graduates of the WRS degree program will fulfill the coursework prerequisites necessary to achieve Professional Hydrologist certification through the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH). This program not only ensures a well-rounded understanding of water resources but also aligns with industry standards, preparing students to attain a recognized professional certification in hydrology.


Water Resources Policy and Management

This degree program provides students with a comprehensive education to pursue careers in effectively managing water resources and playing a key role in shaping water resource policy decisions. Graduates of this program will possess a well-rounded skill set, encompassing expertise in public administration, policy theory, and practical experience gained either through internships integrated into the degree program or, in some instances, through prior professional work experience. This equips graduates with real world knowledge and practical insights essential for successful and impactful careers in water resource management and policy.