All Water Resources Program students are required to take three core courses which total 6 credits:

    1. 507 Water Resources Seminar (WRE, WRS or WRPM)*
    2. 524 Sociotechnical Aspects of Water Resource Management
    3. 505 Water Resources Journal Club (WRE, WRS or WRPM)*

    The required Water Resources Program courses provide basic information about water resources issues and bring students together as a cohort. Each degree area also contains specific requirements and electives in addition to these core program courses.

    To obtain a graduate degree in Water Resources, students will complete a course of study which satisfies the University requirements, as well as the specific degree area requirements. These are described in Water Resources Engineering Checklist; Water Resources Science Checklist; and Water Resources Management & Policy Checklist.

    For a list of courses fulfilling requirements and electives for the three degree areas see:

    Water Resources Engineering - Table 1; Water Resources Science - Table 2; and Water Resources Policy & Management - Table 3. Decisions about the elective course of study will be subject to the approval of the student's major advisor and committee.

    *students who are advised in BEE now have the opportunity to take these classes in their department.  Discuss this option with your major advisor.