All Water Resources Program students are required to take three core courses which total 6 credits:

    1. WRP 507 Water Resources Seminar
    2. WRP 524 Sociotechnical Aspects of Water Resource Management
    3. WRS 505 and 507 Water Resources Seminar and Journal Club

    The required Water Resources Program courses provide basic information about water resources issues and bring students together as a cohort. Each degree area also contains specific requirements and electives in addition to these core program courses.

    To obtain a graduate degree in Water Resources, students will complete a course of study which satisfies the University requirements, as well as the specific degree area requirements. These are described in Water Resources Engineering Checklist; Water Resources Science Checklist; and Water Resources Management & Policy Checklist.

    For a list of courses fulfilling requirements and electives for the three degree areas see:

    Water Resources Engineering - Table 1; Water Resources Science - Table 2; and Water Resources Policy & Management - Table 3. Decisions about the elective course of study will be subject to the approval of the student's major advisor and committee.

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