Eligible students must turn in their application by the end of the last week of January each year.
Applications will consist of the below listed items, combined into in one single pdf file with the filename written in this format:

Applicant’s Last Name_ScholarshipName_Year.

For example, an applicant in 2023 named Pam Olson would submit a file named Olson_Jackson_2023.pdf.

Submit applications as email attachments to the WRGP Administrative Program Assistant.
Due by 5 pm on the last Friday in January. Criteria in selecting the recipients will include:
  • Evidence of academic excellence;
  • Quality of the research;
  • Evidence that this scholarship award will assist the recipient(s) in degree completion; and
  • Program of study on file at the Graduate School and qualifying exams passed (PhD students only).
All applications for each scholarship need the following:
  • Copy of student transcript;

  • Student resume or CV;

  • A brief summary of the thesis or dissertation research; and

  • A letter of recommendation from the student's major advisor.