Water-related courses at OSU are taught in many different departments and students are encouraged to participate in classes outside of their home program.

The best way to learn about course offerings is to look at the core curriculum for the Water Resources Graduate Program (see Tables 1-3) or to search the OSU Online Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

We have also put together a list of courses taught by term for each degree program: WRS, WRE, WRPMMaster list of Water Classes across campus.

The links below run prepared searches of the course catalog that highlight the water-related course offerings at OSU. A couple of things to note when using these searches:

  • The links run a database search and will be a little slow!
  • There are usually a few special topics courses each term - these may be listed in the catalog only as "seminar" or "special topics". Faculty often advertise their special topics courses over the WRGP email distribution lists the term before it starts.
  • Course numbers correspond to level: 100-300 = undergraduate level courses; 400-500 = upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses; and 500-600 = graduate students only.

OSU Online Catalog Searches: