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A dedicated Oregon surfer, Dacotah enjoys teaching free surf lessons on Saturdays.


Dacotah is currently in pursuits of her master’s of science degree at Oregon State University in Water Resources Policy, and Management working under the supervision of her advisor Dr. Aaron Wolf.

Dacotah’s research interests focus on transboundary international waters. Specifically, how communities who might not ordinarily come together based on varied interests, do so over these shared waters — thinking of water rather, as a collaborative resource and potentially a bridge for peace within communities who have historically been in conflict perhaps on other socio-economic-political issues such as human rights, environmental justice and women’s empowerment.

Dacotah earned a B.S. degree with honors from Oregon State University in philosophy, writing and peace studies. 

In addition to her academics, Dacotah is a journalist, a trained facilitator and mediator, and is bilingual in Spanish/English.

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Water Mapping Story: “Navigating Cultural Currents: Sharing Water in Central America

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