First semester in the program:

**Everything you need to know about preparing for your thesis/dissertation defense can be found here. **

Yearly, by or before June 30:

Students and their major advisor's need to communicate goals and progress with each other, then provide this information on to the department for assessment. 

At least two weeks prior to defending:

It is mandatory to let the department know that you will be defending.  This will also allow us enough time to schedule a room as well as promote your defense.  The request form can be found here: Defense Room Request to WRGP.

The day of your defense:

Please provide your instructor with one of the following forms and ask that they fill it out and return it to WRGP.

Post defense: 

Congratulations to all successful candidates! What happens next?

  1. One of the faculty members will need to provide the WRGP office with a copy of the Graduate Learning Outcome form for our records.
  2. Make sure all of the documents needed for the Graduate School have been completed.  One of the most common documents forgotten is the ETD submission approval form.
  3. Please complete the exit survey;
  4. If you have keys to an office or lab, you will need to clean up your area and return them to the department that advised you; and
  5. We hope that you will join our alumni listserv.  We would like to keep in touch and hear about all your future success, both professionally and personally.
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