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Personal Interests: 

parenting, photography, cooking, traveling, youth environmental education, and outdoor exploration.


A little about me:

I have 6 years of experience as a low-impact site development and water resources engineer. I have designed innovative stormwater management, sanitary sewer systems, water supply distribution, site grading, erosion control, retaining walls, roadway drainage, and stormwater master planning. I have worked on projects during the visioning process, master planning, design, construction, and public outreach all with a sustainable design approach. My settings include urban redevelopment, mixed-use development, a medical center, international sites, roadways including bridges, public parks, and river projects. Currently, I am working on my M.S degree in Water Resources Engineering specializing in hydraulic modeling at Oregon State University.

Research interests:
My research interests include river restoration, hydraulic modeling, sediment transport analysis, unsteady flows, and erosion control.

My Publications

I currently have no publications listed within this site.

Graduation Year: 

Arturo Leon - Civil and Construction Engineering