Seminar Series

WRPM 2023: seminar series


Adaptation and Resilience Strategies for Oregon’s Waters in a Climate Changed World

John DeVoe from WaterWatch | 11 October



Federal Land Management from the Klamath Basin to FERC Relicensing in Hell's Canyon: a manager's perspective

Steve Ellis, Ret. BLM Deputy Director | 18 October



21st century farming: integrated hydro-irrigation-restoration-systems

Ed Weber | Oregon State University


Unpacking the complexity of water, war and conflict: The case of India in South Asia

Dr. Vanda Asthana | Eastern Washington University


US water pollution, policies and PFAS: A toxicologists perspective

Kelsey "Kelso" Arthur | Graduate Fellow with Env. and Molecular Toxicology | Oregon State University


Colorado River Water-Supply Crisis: how we got here and what the crisis means for the future

John (Jack) C. Schmidt | Utah State University

WRE 2024: seminar series


Large-Scale River Restoration

Scott Wright | River Design Group


Deep and shallow: Implications of vegetation-climate interactions for groundwater recharge and green roof performance

Samantha Hartzell | Department of Civil and Environmental Enginering, Portland State University


Remote Sensing Approaches for Assessing Crop Water Stress

Jing Zhou | Oregon State University


Irrigation Water Mgt: Measurements of Evapotranspiration Using Eddy Covariance and Remote Sensing in South-central Chile

Camilo Souto | U. de Concepción, Chile


Coastal Engineering With Nature at the Interface Between Science, Engineering, Management, & Community Need

Meagan Wengrove | OSU


Geomorphological and Ecological Perspectives on Lowland River Floodplain Heterogeneity

Tanya Shukla | University of Illinois


Spatial Modeling and Prediction in R Using spmodel

Michael Dumelle | Environmental Protection Agency

WRS 2024: seminar series

Flow alteration, river valley morphology, and the influence of Glen Canyon Dam on sediment availability along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Alan Kasprak | US EPA