Travel and Reimbursement Resources


As of July 5, 2021, A new Online Booking Tool within Concur is now available for Air, Car, Hotel and Rail bookings.

All travel and non-travel employee reimbursements will be processed through Concur.


Employees and Students can access Concur though their My Oregon State Dashboard.  Just search for “concur” under the resources section.

Direct Login Link


Before using Concur Travel and Expense for the first time, you must complete your profile by clicking the “Profile” link at the top left of the page, and then select Profile Settings.  Please see the video library for help filling out your profile.  Through your concur profile you can verify your email address, add your personal travel preferences, as well as update emergency contact information.  An updated profile is critical and will really enhance your travel & expense experience.


There are various training materials available to help get up to speed on the new Concur Travel & Expense software.  Please visit the training library to view training videos, process documents, or trip sheets.  


OSU employees and students need to submit pre-trip requests for their OSU sponsored domestic and international travel through Concur, except for in-state travel.  The International Travel Registry (housed in Global Opportunities) should still be used for ALL international travel.  This will ensure OSU students and employees are properly supported in case of emergency while traveling abroad.  Work is currently underway aimed at reducing the complexity around pre-trip registration processes for International Travel, but the International Travel Registry remains a critical component.


Generally, lodging will be reimbursed only up to the per diem amount (refer to the Business Affairs travel page for current per diem rates).  Students, please discuss further with your PI/Advisor before traveling.  In some situations, they may have certain restrictions that must be followed.


For almost all in-State ground travel all faculty, staff, and students should utilize motorpool.

For those very rare instances a student or faculty member is given permission to utilize their own vehicle, rather than motorpool, please use this Mileage Log

Prior to traveling by personal car, make sure you (a) ask for permission from your PI or Program Director, (b) write a statement explaining why personal transportation is more cost effective; and (c) provide back up documentation supporting this statement.

* Filling the driver authorization form is mandatory, to be completed prior to reserving your ride and renewed annually.  The form should be emailed to Denise Conner, as the authorizing signer.

*Students are required to use Motor Vehicles for ground travel around Oregon to do work. Using a personal vehicle should be used only a last resort and requires pre-approval from advisor.


Personal Reimbursements will be handled on Concur.  If you haven't already done so, complete your profile information within Concur, scan a copy of your receipts, making sure to include each items business purpose, and have your PI's index handy before starting your request.


Travel and Reimbursements

Direct Pay/Invoice Locations:

OSU has some contracted vendors that can be used for direct bill supply purchases.

Local Direct Bill/Invoice Restaurants:

Remember, even when direct billing the meal you cannot go over the per diem amount per person.  Restaurant procedures may vary, so contact them directly to confirm what is required for the purchase.

Autopay Vendors

For questions about vendors and reimbursements, email Denise Conner.