Travel and Reimbursements - Presentation on how to do them

Travel Reminders

Travel Pre-authorization form

International Travel Pre-authorization form

Travel Reimbursement Request form

Receipt Reimbursements (You should always use a direct-pay location or a location that can be paid for with the department purchase card whenever possible. Reimbursements should be a last resort and kept under $100. Please see below for a list of direct payment locations.)

If you are traveling out of the United States and/or for longer than 30 days, you must register your trip with the Office of Risk Management.

Rental Car - If you need to rent a vehicle for travel, please email Amy for rental contract information. When utilizing the Enterprise contract for one way vehicle rentals you will initially be charged a drop off fee. This fee can be removed manually when you pick up your vehicle rental at the Enterprise Rental Office. Currently this is a manual process for Enterprise and so they can’t guarantee that the booking agent will remember to remove it for you. It is in your best interest to try and remember to check for it when you are picking up your vehicle.

Direct Pay/Invoice Locations

OSU has some contracted vendors that can be used for direct bill supply purchases.

Local Direct Bill/Invoice Restaurants:

Remember, even when direct billing the meal you cannot go over the per diem amount per person - Meal+tip≤(Breakfast $13, Lunch $13, Dinner $26). Restaurant procedures may vary. Please contact them directly to confirm what is required for the purchase.

American Dream Pizza Gathering Together Farms Pizza Hut
Aqua Seafood Hilton Garden Inn Corvallis Pizza Pipeline
Baja Fresh Jimmy John's Quizno’s
Big River McGraths Fish House Ruby Tuesday
Bombs Away (Groups of 6 or more) McMenamin’s Sada
Cafe Yumm! Nearly Normal’s Tarntip
Clodfelter’s New Morning Bakery Togo’s
del Alma Old World Deli University Hero
Domino’s Pizza Papas Pizza Parlor Woodstock’s Pizza Parlor Pastini  

Autopay Vendors

For questions about vendors and reimbursements, email Cat Mullins.