How did OSU prepare you for your job?: 

The Water Conflict Management and Transformation Certificate program introduced me to the world of stakeholder engagement and facilitation processes as they relate to water resources.

Favorite Memory from OSU: 

Dance Your Dissertation!

Advice to incoming/current students: 

Get involved with Hydrophiles as soon as you can! It is a really great community of students who love thinking about (and playing in) water resources and with whom you might not otherwise connect. Also, reach out to organizations/agencies out in the community (e.g. Marys River Watershed Group, Oregon Water Resources Department, etc). You never know when they might be looking for help on a project, and getting involved provides valuable learning opportunities about water issues on the ground.

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Dance Your Dissertation!

My Publications

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Graduation Year: 

Todd Jarvis - Institute for Water and Watersheds

Current Employment: 

Project Coordinator - EnviroIssues, A Seattle-based consulting firm specializing in stakeholder engagement and public involvement processes for infrastructure and environmental projects across the Pacific Northwest.