Masters students: Students in an MS program should always register for 500 level courses. 

Doctoral students: 600 level courses are designated for PhD level; HOWEVER, if there isn’t a 600 level course option for you, then you can sign up for the 500 level. 

If you applied for BEE program, then sign up for the thesis section that lists your advisor.  (example: BEE 503 003/51766 Chad Higgins).

If you applied for WRGP (Science, Engineering, or Policy), then sign up for the WRGP thesis section that lists your advisor (example: WRE 503 008/11804 Chad Higgins).

The program of study helps you define your path to degree completion. Create your program of study in collaboration with your major professor or advisor(s). 

For master’s students, we recommend submitting the program of study form before completing 18 graduate credits and no later than 15 weeks prior to the defense. 

Doctoral students are required to submit the program of study form by the fifth term. 

All Doctoral students and Master's students who are writing a thesis (as well as all MAIS students) are required to include a Graduate Council Representative on their committee. The Graduate Council Representative (GCR) serves in the role of impartial committee member who advocates for the student and insures that all rules governing committee procedures are followed. They must be present at your final defense of your thesis. 

You must select a GCR from the list generated by the online GCR list generation tool

A lot can happen between start and completion of your degree.  However, we are here to support you.   

First, let your advisor and your WRGP, or home department’s Program Administrative Coordinator know (share only what you are comfortable with, but enough so they can help you).   

Second, fill out any necessary forms to notify the University.   

For example if you need to take a leave of absence, fill out the leave of absence request every term you need to be out.  Or you have decided to change your major (change of major form). 

All forms can be found here:  

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